Hey drummers! Something different this week. Khirye Tyler (@khirye90 on Instagram) made an awesome drumless play-along track. I decided to chart out the form/rhythms so people could play along to it easier. 

Here is the chart: [ti_icon icon=”ti-file” size=”large” style=”icon-left” corners=”default” text=””The Next Day” – PDF” link=”http://www.timbuell.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/thenextdayCHART.pdf”]

And here is the Soundcloud link for the tune: The Next Day – Track Link

Buy it and support Khirye!

OOPS! Transcriptions have moved.

This page will no longer get new transcriptions added to it. Visit the new blog here for new transcriptions, lessons, product reviews and more.


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