Tim Buell


Tim is a Nashville based drummer/musician. Whatever it is: touring, recording, internet-based drum lessons, or transcription, Tim would love to be apart of your project or provide you the service you need to get the job done!



More about Tim:


Tim has toured with many Nashville-based acts: Gloriana, Jana Kramer, Sister C, Remedy Drive, Adam Sanders, and many many more.


Tim keeps a full-time roster of remote drum students that he interfaces with via Skype. If you are interested in learning more about Tim’s teaching studio visit his teaching site here.


Tim has transcribed drum parts for many years. He has worked with 180drums, Vic Firth, and Ash Soan to provide them drum parts they wanted written out in a professional and easy-to-learn way. To see Tim’s transcription resume click here.


Tim has recorded on several albums and has a home studio. Hear Tim’s recorded performance and see videos on the media page.

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